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During times of upheaval and change in life, we all may experience seasons of deep doubt and questioning. We may feel uprooted, set adrift, and utterly alone. Sometimes we respond with deep sadness, other times with numb silence, and still other times with rapid activity and an effort to prove to ourselves that we are still in control.

At this time of pending loss, you may be asking “Why me?” or “Where is God?” or “Why do good people like my friend suffer so much?” or “What will I leave behind as a memory of myself?” Beliefs that once made sense and sustained you no longer seem valid.

These experiences, if left unattended, can have long-standing effects on well-being. We are prepared to assist you and your loved ones as you seek to restore and rediscover a vibrant spiritual life.

We provide a variety of programs for Spiritual Care, which can include the following:

• Direct cooperation with local clergy: our Spiritual Care programs are not intended to replace your relationship with your local community of faith. We are willing and eager to work in close partnership with your clergy and provide referrals for local religious or spiritual groups.


• Person-to-person support: a personal visit may be requested from our Spiritual Care Team. We are available for personal contact, counseling, companionship, or conversation.


• Family concerns: relationships sometimes become strained in stressful life-situations. We will work in a sensitive and caring manner with each person and each situation.


• Written resources: we have a library of materials available that can help you understand and follow your spiritual journey.

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