Ultimately, no one can prepare you for your experience of grief and loss. Each person reacts uniquely to the loss of a loved one. Your grief is unique. Your bereavement is your own, and it can feel devastating. The loss of a loved one can change your life. Even if we believe that we are strong or well-prepared, the feelings of grief can be intense. These feelings are natural – feelings of pain, longing, vulnerability, confusion, sorrow, anxiety, fear, and anger emerge at the time of your loved one’s death and often continue for many months.

During this time of grief, you may find relationships changing. Your daily routines and roles may be altered. Your basic assumptions about life may change temporarily, or even permanently. You may face the anxiety and unexpected adventure of reshaping your life. You may not know where to turn for support, care, and help along such an uncharted journey.

Our team is available to walk with you on your journey through grief and bereavement. We offer a variety of bereavement services, which can include the following:

• Person-to-person support:
We are available for counseling, companionship, or conversation — whether in person, by phone, e-mail, or postal correspondence, from the time of death to two years after your loved one’s death. A personal visit request begins with a simple phone call.


• Written resources:
We have a library of materials available that can help you understand and follow your journey through grief and bereavement.


Support can be requested by calling our office at 800-315-5122.


Who Can Benefit?

• Any family member, partner, friend, or caregiver of a hospice patient may ask for all hospice bereavement services.

• Anyone in the communities that we serve who has suffered a recent loss may request a phone call, in person visit or be added to our mailing list.

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